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  • Meat, milk, fruits and vegetables, bakery products, various frozen products, all kinds of food products like ice cream can be stored under the best conditions and for the longest time possible in our cold storage rooms that are constituted with locked sandwich panels, which have been prepared with 42 kg/m3 density polyurethane. Our cold storage rooms, which could also be produced with glass doors, depending on your request could be used inside of the store for the purpose of both storing and for displaying.
    AISI 304, PVC coating or powder coated sheet metals can be used on internal and external surfaces of panels, depending on your request.
    •     Our panels can be produced in thicknesses of 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 160 mm and in 200 mm.
    •    In our cold storage rooms, which could also be set up with Atmospheric Control System depending on the requirements for large fruit and vegetable storage, fruits and vegetable can be stored under the most appropriate conditions with the use of this system.
    •    While the corner panel, which can be manufactured as single piece, provides ease of assembly, it would also provide efficiency for the consumption of the energy at the same time as it provides much better insulation for your cold storage rooms.
    •    There are options of swing, sliding, monorail, sectional, flip-flap, fast passage and atmospheric controlled doors available depending on the requirements.
Panel Thickness (mm) Panel Length (mm)
80 1560/1760/1960/2160/2360/2560/2760/2960/3160
120 1640/1840/2040/2240/2440/2840/3040/3240