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  • Designed for display of delicatessen, meat and various packed products
  • Large stainless steel display area, rich color options, ease of cleaning, product placement and serving capability and perfect ergonomics
  • It provides display possibilities depending on the requirements and long shelf life with its stainless steel display area whose level can be adjusted.
  • It provides easy cleaning with its tempered glass that can be opened upwards.
  • Static cooling or cooling with fan can be applied depending on the requirements.
  • Static -cooled version has been designed for fresh meat products, because of no air circulation inside the serve over, it is prevented to dry your meat, and to be provided with opportunities being presented as the freshest to the final consumer.
  • Excess amount of products can be stored just beneath the products on display in the bottom storage area option.
  • It could provide self-service opportunity with the option of half glass depending on your reque
Model Base Height mm Width Options (mm) Length Options (mm)
Gardenya 594 1150/1250 937/1250/1875/2500/2815/3750
Sardunya 594 1177/1277/1377 937/1250/1875/2500/2815/3750
Anemon Statik 594 1150 937/1250/1875/2500/2815/3750